News Release

INEOS Styrolution presents innovative solutions for interior and exterior automotive designs at PIAE in Mannheim


Frankfurt, Germany

  • The optimised scratch resistant Luran® HH-120 becomes the material of choice for demanding exterior automotive applications
  • The new Novodur® Ultra 4255 gains momentum in the industry for interior automotive applications
  • The innovative thermoplastic composite StyLight® combines exceptional lightweight with stiffness, aesthetics, processability and stability

INEOS Styrolution, the global leader in styrenics, will highlight new styrenic solutions for the automotive industry as well as automotive applications designed with the company’s latest materials at the PIAE (“Plastics in Automotive Engineering”) in Mannheim, Germany. Highlights include a new scratch resistant Luran® HH-120, Novodur® Ultra 4255 and the innovative composite StyLight®.

At this year’s PIAE show in Mannheim, INEOS Styrolution is going to focus on innovative styrenic materials for both, interior and exterior automotive applications. These materials were developed in close cooperation with the company’s customers and partners to ensure from the beginning that all new materials become best-in-class solutions for the automotive industry. A particular focus this year will be on three new materials:

Luran HH-120

Luran HH-120 is an AMSAN copolymer known for excellent material properties that make it a material of choice for demanding exterior automotive applications including roof spoiler winglets and pillar trims. The material excels at dimensional stability, rigidity, stiffness, heat resistance, UV resistance and colour fastness. A new enhanced Luran HH-120 has been optimised adding a significantly increased scratch resistance to the set of product properties. The result is a minimised gloss reduction as a result of daily routine (e.g. climatic conditions or car wash). Automotive application designers are invited to test the new material. As an attractive side effect, they will also experience a better flowability than that of its predecessor.

Novodur Ultra 4255

Novodur Ultra 4255 is a specialty ABS product tailored to address the demands of automotive interior designs including door panels, lower seat trims, glove box doors or centre and overhead consoles. Key features of the material include a low temperature ductility, high impact strength, high heat resistance and low emission. The material’s high flowability contributes to a good processability.


StyLight is a new generation of thermoplastic composites based on styrenic copolymers. The material combines surface aesthetics with structural stiffness opening up opportunities in the automotive industry to address both, structural and aesthetic demands with a single material. In a partnership with KTM Technologies, a creative Austrian engineering office, specific innovative design concepts for a selected number of applications were developed. Designs included an automotive door module, a lift gate, a central console and body panels for trucks and tractors. Since highlighting StyLight at PIAE last year, INEOS Styrolution pushed the investigation of the material further using different processing technologies, different mold designs and different surface decorations to more deeply understand this new material’s limits. Due to customer interest, a particular focus is put on carbon look applications.

Furthermore, a number of the latest exterior and interior automotive applications realised with INEOS Styrolution’s materials will be on display on the company’s booth. Exhibited applications include:

  • Truck aerodynamics part – material: Luran S797 SPF30
  • Windscreen body trim – material: Luran S KR 2864C
  • Door panel – material: Novodur H801
  • Loudspeaker grill – material: Terblend NM-21EF
  • C, D pillars – material: Luran HH-120
  • Centre console – material: Novodur Ultra 4140PG
  • StyLight demonstrators showcasing different materials, designs and surface decorations

“Let us meet at the PIAE”, invites Christophe Ginss, Sales Director Automotive EMEA with global coordination role at INEOS Styrolution. “Use the opportunity and talk to our automotive experts at the event.”

For more information on INEOS Styrolution and its material innovations visit booth 88 during the “Plastics in Automotive Engineering Conference”, on March 14-15, 2018, at the Congress Center Rosengarten in Mannheim, Germany.