Editorial by Kevin McQuade

Dear valued stakeholder,

Sustainability is the foundation of how we do our business and the key to our business success. Therefore, sustainability is firmly integrated into all of our decision-making processes and steers our company’s strategy moving forward.

We started our sustainability journey at INEOS Styrolution in 2011 with various sustainability-related initiatives, and since 2014 devel­oped a unified framework – our global sustainability program. With the publication of our first qualitative report in 2015 and our first quantitative report in 2016, which complies with the GRI’s G4 guide­lines, we are advancing our sustainability processes year on year. This progress has also been externally recognized with a silver certificate by EcoVadis, a leading independent corporate sustainability assessor. We improved in our corporate social responsibility scoring from 47 for the year 2014 to 59 for the year 2015, which now places us in the top 10% in the category of plastics manufacturers.

This year-on-year improvement in the sustainability of our products, operations and business management is of critical importance to our customers, our shareholder and parent company INEOS, our investors, employees and the communities we operate in. Providing sustainable products, solutions and services is not only what our cus­tomers expect from us as their supplier, it also gives us a competitive advantage to stay ahead of the curve and maintain our position as the market leader for styrenics.

To demonstrate our commitment to higher transparency, continu­ous improvement as well as environmental and social responsibil­ity, as of this year, we have committed ourselves to global sustain­ability targets that cover seven focus areas of our business: SHE (Safety, Health & Environment), Compliance, Human Resources, Procurement, Operations, R&D, and community involvement.

We support the shift to a circular economy and aim to develop sustainable solutions in different aspects of our products’ lifecycle – right from innovation through the use phase to the end of life of the product when its embedded resources can be recovered or reintroduced into the product’s life cycle. Through our close collabo­rations with leading research institutes and partners along the value chain, we are working on a proof of concept for promising chemical recycling technologies for polystyrene.

Operationally, we continue to improve the environmental footprint of our sites and further expand our sites’ ISO energy and environ­mental certifications. In terms of supply chain, we will further drive our sustainability standards beyond the boundaries of our company and deeper into the upstream and downstream of our supply chain. Preventing plastic pellet loss during production and transportation is our responsibility, therefore, we are not only taking action within our operations, we also work together with our value chain to share best practices on zero pellet loss.

We believe compliance with legislation as well as with our own busi­ness principles is a precondition for sustainability. To us, compliance is non-negotiable and is, thus, inherent in our daily decision-making.

Our employees are our most valuable asset, which is why workplace safety is and remains our undisputed #1 priority. We have high health and safety standards in place and strive to ensure that every colleague, contractor and on-site logistics personnel lives our safety culture to ensure that we all return home safely to our families.

Our responsibility does not end at the company gates. With this in mind, we are also committed to being a responsible and active corporate citizen for the communities we operate in.

Responsible business management implies taking into account eco­nomic, environmental and social factors to sustain and further grow our business in the long term. As part of our Triple Shift strategy implementation, we have made several investments with a sustain­able impact, contributing to enhanced energy efficiency, better material yield and reduced emissions. Going forward, we will explore further opportunities for sustainable investments.

This year, we will review our materiality matrix considering emerging megatrends as well as internal and external stakeholder expecta­tions that are material to our business operations to ensure that we are moving in the right direction. We look forward to continuing on our path of “Living Sustainability. Together.” in close engagement with our stakeholders.

This progress made over the last two years would not have been possible without the joint efforts of all our 3,200 colleagues across the globe who demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and our company.

Sincerely yours,

Kevin McQuade

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