Styrolux T1

Styrolux® T1 is a new, clear and tough styrene-butadiene copolymer (SBC) designed specifically for high performance film extrusion and shrink film applications. Styrolux® T1 has been developed for blending with a sceond SBC component, Styrolux® S, which increases the stiffness of the film and improves the storage stability of film reels (reduced natural shrinkage).

Key Features

  • Excellent clarity and toughness
  • High shrinkage up to 70%
  • Very good shrinkage control
  • Low gel content
  • Reduced film stickiness


  • Blend component for Styrolux S
  • Shrink sleeve applications
  • Label film


  • Grade Version
  • Properties

    Properties of Styrolux T1

    Property, Test Condition Standard Unit Values

    Typical values for uncolored products

  • Processing

    Processing of Styrolux T1

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