Luran® S (ASA)

Luran® S acrylonitrile styrene acrylate (ASA) polymers feature high surface quality and good impact strength including excellent color fastness. It delivers superior long-term performance when exposed to UV-radiation and heat. Furthermore Luran® S is an amorphous material and provides very good dimensional stability and a low tendency to warp allowing “zero gap” design. For these reasons, Luran® S is regarded as the material of choice for unpainted exterior applications. An improved UV stable version, Luran® S SPF30, was launched in Europe in 2012.
Europe, Middle East and AfricaAmericasAsia-Pacific

Luran S 777K

Good flowability
Easy processing

Luran S 778T

High softening temperature
High chemical resistance

Luran S KR2858G3

Highest rigidity
High heat resistance